ANNOUNCEMENT: My debut indie novel! Muslim werewolves! Desi rep! Crazy extended family!

After a year of living in a prissy suburb, Maria Chaudhry is back downtown. Back to what she never wanted to leave. But she can’t really enjoy it since neither the living nor the dead will leave her in peace.

JC’s death still keeps her up at night and Ehmet’s sudden ambivalence isn’t helping. Maybe she had read his signals wrong and Ehmet was never in love with her like she thought. Or maybe his love is tangled with secrets too dark to speak aloud, secrets about JC’s death and the unpredictable beast in Ehmet’s blood.

When an upcoming hiking trip is canceled, there’s no pretty path left towards the truth. A growing spiral of deceit threatens to tear Maria and Ehmet apart forever, but the beast lurking within Ehmet can do a lot worse than that.

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I’m happy I’m finally able to share YOUR HEART AFTER DARK with readers. It’s been a long time coming, not just because I’ve been working on it for 7 years, but because there’s an intentional lack of diverse protagonists in YA literature (there’s a rant coming soon, promise). It’s also heartbreaking to know that it’s been so long since I first started this story, and yet the torture of Uyghur Muslims in China has only gotten worse. I hope this book helps bring their suffering to light.

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